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About me-
As all reviewers probably are, or should be, I am a huge videogame fan. The technical details, the creation of unique moments, and the writing within a story blurb make a gamer sit up and think or feel. Those are the best moments ever. How a game is made, the engine that they use, how close the game is to replicating history if they tried, everything in games is important to me. 

I decided to get into game coverage because of a couple of reasons.
The main being a general lack of any sound or music coverage in reviews despite OST's and other musical tracks being celebrated by gamers around the world. I wanted to bring in that conversation and make it something gamers expect to see. 

Secondly, I found reviews to be more like live journals or podcasts, a lot of people seemed a bit nervous about really putting their foot down. This combined with my love for games made it an easy choice. To leap in and try my hand.

Why do I not do sponsored content?
Trips, free stuff, paid for coverage, are not for me. With a background in Psychology and a focus on consumerism, the connection between getting something for free can sway opinion both positively and negatively and I want to keep as far from that as possible. I also happened to have a very poor experience with a massive company contacting me right when I began. Using legalize that was questionable at best the company suggested that if I wrote a positive review they would work with me to make sure it looked "organic" or NOT paid for. So that I could pocket the money and pretend it wasn't sponsored.

After that the choice was pretty easy. 

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