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Armored Core maybe Fromsofts's best game yet.

Armored Core VI Rubicon may be the Fromsoft title to break that company wide open outside of just Dark Souls titles.

If you will remember the Armored Core series has a long history and while Dark Souls games and their later cousins have continued Fromsofts relationship with gamers as master builders, there are many fans who always wanted a return to the mech based combat of the older titles.

Armored Core VI's newest trailer launched and looks incredible. If you watch the footage, it also starts to create a vision of what an Armored Core game can look like with all of the traits and learned skills of the Dark Souls games but instead creating a unique mech game in Armored Core. Many mech games feel as if they all share the same DNA regardless if it's Mechwarrior or Battletech and indeed they technically do.

However, Fromsoft has a massive set of gameplay skills and tropes such as weapon attunements, nested level design, shortcut building into areas, and much more that are exciting to imagine being inside of a mech game.

I talk more about this on my video here

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