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Atlas Fallen Preview BY ACG - A Little Nier a Little Darksiders

Atlas Fallen, coming out in 2023 and created by the developers at Deck 13, is a new title about a sun god's evil reign and a man and his talking gauntlet and their combined attempt to stop it.

You may wonder if this is another Dark Souls Style game, or if it's a bit more like Zelda, or perhaps a game that tries to filter in parts of the cherished Prince of Persia games?

The answer is something in between all of those examples and a little of Forspoken, the much maligned title that came out in early 2023. Mixing high stakes magic with a momentum battle system Atlas Fallen takes the road often taken with these games. 3rd person action, platforming, and cut-scene bookmarks telling a story of the hero's journey and a bright god with a dark future. With gameplay touches from Darksiders, Nier, and even Monster hunter Atlas Fallen is attempting a great deal.

Is it good? Hands on impressions from Karak seem to think it has promise. For more detailed thoughts.

Check out his preview on Youtube


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