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Atlas Fallen to Release May 16th

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Focus Publishing and Deck 13 look to light up the game playing summer in 2023 with the release of Atlas Fallen. Now announced to release on the 16th of May.

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It is time to rise from the ground and save the people from the corrupt gods that have been ruling over them. Travel the dunes of a place that has barely stood the test of time, an almost endless desert filled with its ancient perils, mysteries, and magical relics. With sand-powered abilities and shape-shifting weapons, hunt legendary monsters in stunning, super-powered battle.

Your goal is to bring down the corrupt Sun God who has systematically turned the populace into human batteries for its power.

The game's story campaign may be played in either a cooperative or solo fashion, allowing you to focus on certain foes and absorb their essence to mold your own unique play style as you usher in a new era for humanity. Get up out of the muck. Let the storm loose. Explore a one-of-a-kind fantasy world full of secrets, locations, and perils as you hunt legendary creatures either solo or with a friend using heroic, super-powered combat and the ability to create deadly, shape-shifting weapons. Become the ultimate champion with your own set of unique, customizable skills and abilities.

Atlas fallen wears countless comparisons on its shoulders as it moves into a busy genre. Does the company have what it takes? Time will tell, but a magic gauntlet wearing Prince of Persia doesn't seem half bad.

Atlas Fallen is entering a genre that has some stiff competition and it will be interesting to see which side Atlas Fallen rests on.


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