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Atomic Heart 2 is Coming!

Despite their prior games' recent release the developer of Atomic Heart, Mundfish isn't sitting still. Atomic Heart Developer Mundfish is planning a sequel. They discussed the game series in an interview with gaming journalist Aleksey Makarenkov.

The Developer stated a followup is already in the first steps of the creative process

He also stated that DLC has a large part in the company's plans for Atomic Heart and while the sequel is being worked on DLC for the original is as well and gamers should stay tuned if they want to explore more of the strange world Mundfish have created.

Atomic heart scored well with critics but was a absolute hit with fans blasting up well beyond the expected metascore.

A unique world, outstanding graphics, and a feel of Bioshock meets Russia were 3 of the key elements that seemed to have given Atomic Heart its staying power.

The game is currently available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox, Xbox Series X and S but sadly not on the Switch.

Atomic Heart 2 would be a game that won't see release for years. However, the world, atmosphere, and storytelling chops are good enough that fans are already expecting just where the next game can take us.

Focus handed the publishing on Atomic Heart and it expressed happiness on the game's initial sales.

Currently, Focus is putting their new efforts into Atlas Fallen, a Solo/coop action shooter with some interesting gameplay coming out in the next months.

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