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Developers Pulling Back on Direct Communication with Fans

As leaked by Karak-ACG almost 2 weeks ago, in an original post on twitter concerning select game companies plans to pull back communications with fans due to toxicity. We have now been informed officially by at least one company, Bungie, and what those kinds of communications may look like.

The reasons cited to Karak for these changes included the toxicity that can develop when gamers are not happy with a title and tweeting to any developer's Twitter handle, regardless if that individual worked on the game or what position they were in. Misinformation and confusion were also noted as indications by these companies that their way of giving information to fans needs work.

This original story was further backed up by a article in Forbes by Paul Tassi who cited a tweet by @a_dmg04 (a community manager for Bungie) indicating that cases of harassment against developers had directly resulted in less communication and internal plans in the company for moving forward. @a_dmg04 also stressed that that Bungie was not the only developer hampered by these communications

Paul's original story here.

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