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Elden Ring has Gone Gold 30+ Hours To Finish

From Software has reported that Elden Ring has gone gold and that it takes 30+ hours to finish, with many more hours available for those who want to find everything available.

Speaking during the Taipei Game Show 2022 games producer Yasuhiro Kitao commented on how long the now gold game would take to get to its finish. “This will differ significantly by player, but in terms of targets set during development, the idea is that the main route should be able to be completed within around 30 hours,” He also said, “The game as a whole is quite massive and contains many dozens more hours’ worth of gameplay, but if we are talking about the main route only, it shouldn’t take much longer than that. As with past From Software games, players can transfer save data from one playthrough to the next, when they’ll also face tougher enemies. “With the world being so vast, the game is designed so that it can be cleared without necessarily experiencing everything,” Kitao said. “Some players will prefer to try and explore the entire map the first time while other will leave some areas for exploration in second or subsequent cycles.”

Elden Ring is scheduled for release on consoles and pc in February.

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