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Elden Ring Sales are Tremendous in UK!

Gamesindusrty Biz, reports that news out of UK suggests that Elden Ring is the largers non-Fifi and Call of Duty launch tracking back to Red Dead Redemption 2.

While the game launched with a number of technical issues, From Software has been consistently, patching the game, tracking down bugs, and in general showing the kind of support that gamers need from their developers.


Sadly some options are still not available such as Widescreen support, FOV sliders, and an uncapped framerate option. However, modders have come to the rescue with mods that handle all of those issues and a couple more.

As tracking down bugs slows, gamers will be watching to see what kind of DLC content Elden Ring players can look forward to.

Regardless of any further content, I found the game incredible enjoyable and though tech issues have soured that, the developers deft hand at difficulty and exploration is second to none.

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