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Evil West Catches the BULLET of some rough review scores and some BIG Performance issues

While I reviewed Evil West and despite liking many parts of the game, I had to suggest that users wait to buy it. apparently, most reviewers felt the game was even worse off than I did.

Many reviewers pointed out that they liked the fiction and the unique characters in the game but the combo and the fighting system are just not at all well done and the game's various technical issues cost it points across the board.

While some issues in Evil West could come to mean very little after patches, the combo system is harder to repair. It will be interesting to see where the game lands with fans once they get their hands on it later today and dive into the world.

Flying Hog games jumped into dark western ideals and may not have hit it off with everyone, but 2022 has to be the best year to release these kinds of titles. No less than 3 games using the wild west backdrop with supernatural forces mixed in have been released in 2022.

Thanks for watching the ACG review. Karak spent about 22 hours playing it, with many revisits for testing combos, difficulty settings, and more..

Check the other reviews here (232) ACG - YouTube

Check the open critic below, which shows the good and the bad.


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