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Grand Turismo 7 Is Incredible

February was an amazing month for games, but that doesn't mean that companies aren't targeting March with some of their heavy hitters.

The first to hit the March release timeframe is Gran Turismo 7.

My review -

Gran Turismo 7 is everything the past games have been with the polish and power available to the developers via the Playstation 5.

However, the game does have its own share of small issues. Microtransactions are baked right into the system poping up alerts when you gain credits that you can just click a button and buy more. Additionially, the first couple hours can be a slog, reminding many gamers of the inescapable hell of the prologue in Forza 4, which is so bad a gamer was overheard saying, "I would rather play the Medium twicepost-launch than go back to that..."

GT is going to have cars, tracks, online events, and more added post launch. Keep an eye on this one. If only so that you can jump in and realize that the game rates you on how you brake.

The Dark Souls of Car Games?


I just know that someone reading this got mad instantly with the comparison so I had to write it. poppingAdditionally

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