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Greedfall 2 Is a Massive Departure from the Original - Early Access in 2024

Nacon released a teaser trailer for Greedfall 2 that shows that the publisher is pushing forward with the sequel to the original games unique RPG worldview.


Interestingly enough Greedfall 2 is going into early access before an original release,. While possible the developers saw the success of Balders Gate 3 and its long early access run and wanted to see if they can mimic that public support and groundswell. It's also probable that we are seeing even more risk adversity going into titles even in the smaller AA budget range. While Greedfall sold well and created a large fan following by offering a unique world and packaging it with solid, if not finicky combat, it is coming up against stiff competition in the RPG space.

Greedfall 2 just doesn't feel like a title where early access is needed, at least in the typical use that we see developers explain which usually comes down to working with the community on building a games ideas, world, or solidifying the game play loops. All things that the original Greedfall either did adequately or had a solid enough foundation that it doesn't require enough poking around inside the engine and world to require an extended early access release.

It isn't just the early access phase that seems different from the original games release, but also some of the rumors of a swing towards a much more strategic survival game-play style.

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