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Hard West 2 Reviews Are In!!

While Karak released his own review for Hard West 2 and you can find that here below-

The scores for the game are currently in the mid to low 80s

While most critics suggest that the game is widely fun with

Eurogamer saying "Clever tweaks to a brilliant formula. Make this a tactics game just built for experimentation."

The game has a few issues that have been brought up. A complex game like Hard West 2 with fluctuating move points and the ability to refresh them from enemies skills all tied into a poker deck card system is a beast to track for stats and their use. With some gamers, expressing frustration with understanding some of the finer points in the title.

With the original Hard West out years ago and Hard West 2 coming soon to join Dean West, Weird West and a couple other games. It feels like it's easy to think that Cowboys and the supernatural are an exceptional combination.

Check Open critic to follow along with how the game is fairing.


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