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Hogwarts Legacy is Smashing Twitch Numbers and Proving Magic Works

Hogwarts Legacy has smashed through some twitch numbers that are astonishing, hitting well over 1 million concurrent viewers on its first day on Twitch.

For a title that isn't even live for most of the world, that shows a massive thirst for gamers to get eyes on the game features magic users and crazy spells.


However, it didn't get there easily. Recently the Twitch channel Girlfriend reviews had to stop their own stream of the game after commenters in the chat drove one of them to tears. Requiring the player to step away from the camera and the stream to check on their partner who left the stream view.

This isn't unexpected as those who want to boycott, the game has made a website to simply track if a Twitch streamer has ever streamed the game. Of course like any program created by those that lack a good deal of intelligence the checker does not know if the streamer is playing the game, streaming about how they don't think others should, or driving a boycott, or discussing some other aspect of the game.

Remember as a streamer you should always be prepped to ban others in the streams. There is no connection or requirement that a viewer watch nor is there a requirement that you do not ban them if they are abusive.

Take care of yourself and that includes using the moderation tools on Twitch.

Regardless of any attempted boycott possibly it is very easy to see that it not only failed, it possibly drew even more people into the discussion as they tried to track down why people were so out of their minds about a game.

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