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Logitech and Tencent Join Forces to Build a Streaming Focused Handheld

Announced today on the Logitech Website Tencent and Logitech have joined forces to create a handheld device with a very specific function. To be based almost totally around streaming services versus stand-alone hardware.

With services like Xbox Live, PSN, GeforceNow and Stadia streaming becoming far more mainstream, the handheld market hasn't taken the same steps to fill the void for low power streaming devices with adequate control schemes.

While the mobile market has a good deal of penetration from phone makers in this space, their touch control and form factor leave a great deal to be desired.

Logitech and Tencent are promising to fix that. Most likely this device will be a low-power device with a form factor more akin to something like the Steamdeck. However, with such low power requirements, the design could see some refreshing changes. Remembering that a streaming device needs a fast connection but does not need a powerful APU to display, the sky is the limit for some excellent quality of life improvements on a device like this.


The Ruky device, like the Firestick, lets consumers stream content to any hdmi enabled video display.

Microsoft has also been rumored to be creating a Firestick like device for plugging into HDMI inputs on any display allowing for gamers to stream to any device. However, this device seems to have faced an uphill battle internally with reports that the device has been delayed spreading like wildfire.

A handheld device like this could offer not only the freedom for gamers to have access to their entire library of titles but better controls and ergonomics than the current devices offer.

Anyone who has played a handheld for a long period of time can explain why ergonomics is so important.


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