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You might be wondering what is lost arc and why our 1.2 million people watching it on twitch right now, and more than 500k people playing it today. I'm going to try to answer that. Sit on down. Subscribe if you like these kinds of videos, because this is pretty nuts. Last arc became available today. 1.2 million people are watching streamers play that game.

And if you even remove the largest. From that there is a ton of people actually playing it. The quickest answer is it's a massive, a RPG, a game with a boatload of content that actually runs quite well. The queue is up in the high thousands, reminding a lot of us of final fantasy here, though.

It is an, RPG MMO it's sort of Diablo. True RPG fundamentals with a massive story, whether that's good or not. We'll talk about in a second. This is from tripod and smile gate. It's a free to play game that was originally released in South Korea in 2019. Today is pretty much its first day open to the public.

And as you can see. A lot of people jumped in. The first thing is the world. And the story after you make a character you're sent out, searching for these arcs from the game's title are seven massive talismans of power that can help the humans fight off the demonic hordes that are attacking and have done.

So in the past, and those arcs saved them. Why didn't they just keep the arcs together at the end of that last 500? Don't ask like a lot of these games, you have your various different classes, making a character, split you down into five classes. In this game, you have your assassin gunner, major martial artists and warrior with 15 subclasses split between them all like warriors becoming pallet, Dines, and majors able to pick up magical hearts and Fleetwood smack a bunch of enemies with their magical tunes.

A lot of the attacks in the game. More damaged if timed right as well, which causes gamers to actually be a little bit more immersed, you'll see that in some of the different special moves for the characters, gunners have special rifle attacks the characters like that gun, or have three weapons have handguns, shotguns and rifles, which not only does long, medium and short range damage like you would think, but actually has a number of specials that switch out depending on the one weapon you are using, which gives a lot of differentiation between the weapons, but also makes it so that a person.

Too confused with a thousand buttons on the screen. And that's the juice in Ark. When you start to look at this kind of thing, it's not just the very typical a RPG and MMO mixed together, but it has instead a large amount of input from the players who are engaging in the game alone. And that can keep you interested, but with friends in an MMO style, well, that can actually be the difference between a game that gets played a couple of times and a game that gets played for you.

And speaking about playing with other people in this game, you can put all kinds of synergistic combos together. They're not necessarily always called out. It's just that you can do the various different moves and see those working together on the screen. Like enemies being bounced from one attack, being lit on fire, and then someone dropping a mortar on them as they land.

There's a good number of switch ups from typical RPG is that I can see a lot of people looking at this and finding them. Quite interested. One of the subclass basically just turns into a two arm, do drop in double armed lasers on enemies, like a battle bottleneck. It's pretty hard not to be fascinated by that, but you can see that arc does carry a lot of the DNA from the other titles prior on its very bones.

And it's very skeletons. Weapons are usually pretty small staff base increases and what's. You can actually do a couple pay to win or pay to upgrade kind of features that I'm going to talk about in a second, but I do want to talk about how the quest structure is set up. So it's smaller quests, but one of the things you're going to hear a lot of people talking about, especially in those first small quests opening into the larger narrative is how each quest moves you use.

The forward, which means you have an NPC who gives you the question a little bit, like we've seen in some other MMOs, the person that you turn in the quest to is usually not that same person. They're farther along in the location, allowing for people to make a pretty brisk quick walk across various different places, not getting stuck too long in any one location.

And as those quests branch out, you can see some footage here, you end up getting a boat. You can cross the lands, technologically advanced cities, all the way to tropical islands. The game has a lot of content and some very unique boss battles. Now lost Ark does have a tremendous amount of in-game content too, which is what a lot of people feel.

These games when they come out of their first launch, don't have they have PVE rates done? And your own stronghold for over 50 level players. Now, when wanting to grind up, you enter these different locations, especially in the end game, which is a lot about upgrading different parts on your character and getting more skills.

You enter chaos, Dungeons that are fought in stages all over the world. And these drop basic materials for upgrading. You also have guardian raids where you investigate a zone to find a boss that you need to fight. And destroy under a time limit. It's sort of a boss mode kind of thing on those. And some people have actually stated, it reminds them a little bit of a monster hunter kind of game where you're just looking down on the character, but the game also puts some awesome restrictions on a lot of these battles, removing them from being that typical all out attack.

They also have a tower where you go up levels, taking out enemies consistently under a time limit. And as you keep climbing these ladders, each climbing these levels, each one has a unique reward and unique. There you also get skill point potions for those that allow for you to upgrade your skills. As you go into the higher levels in, in game content, they also have massive Dungeons and just all kinds of stuff.

Almost all of your late game stuff is of course grinding. But one of the things they've done here has had multiple steps for multiple different types of these grinds. So if you do have a raid that raid levels up and you have more enemies able to do more things. And while this isn't brand new, it does allow for gamers to jump in and not necessarily feel like, oh, it's just this raid exactly the same.

But those raids level up as all the things you're getting from them levels up your character and your items. Most interestingly enough, they have a stronghold, which is not just for living in and just upgrading. No, you can do both of those. It offers all manner of huge changes in the games. New places.

You can go as well as your own workshop. And here you can also send your followers to do quests. We've seen that in a lot of MMOs, but it sort of condenses some of that and actually has a lot of the crafting happen at the stronghold. The answer to the original question. Why are so many people playing it and it's because it has a ton of content.

It also has about 1000 currencies, not 1000, but you get my drift. It does have a lot, and it has some pretty quick and hefty quick starts. If you do want to put some money down, the first is 15 bucks. But it goes as high as $99. If you want to just jump in, get yourself some pets, some special titles and so on, but we see a lot of these games come out.

Some of them catch on some of them don't and when you even remove the overall Twitch streamer numbers, you still see a lot of people playing this and there's no. Positive discussion around it, even with the huge amount of queues and all of that. And the very reason is, is because they do offer a ton of content.

Even if you don't pay, it's going to be very interesting to see if this continues such hot numbers. Cause this thing is smashing through records. It's pretty impressive. And I got to say, when you see a bunch of characters on screen, let alone just one character do an incredible. But when you get a bunch of characters on screen and you're fighting with your friends and pulling off all these specials, pretty damn crazy looking.

And that variation in the locations helps dramatically. Those kinds of things are something that a lot of us feel where we go into a game and especially in game content feels regurgitate. If you're just consistently going through the same thing, and it's not magically brand new here, but the games massive.

Unique locations and various ways to get them including getting that sailing ship and finding tropical islands everywhere. Even though you start a lot of your battles, actually on the mainland, there's a ton of stuff to explore, and it gives you a lot as you continue to move forward. And I think that is a boon to this game.

Be very interesting to see how much people play it and if they stick to it. So anyway, that's it for me. I hope you guys liked the video. If you did give it a thumbs up, if you didn't give it a thumbs down, make sure to check out Twitter, patron, all that other. Peace out everybody. I hope you have an awesome week.

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