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No Mans Sky Has The Stamina with New No Mans Sky Endurance Update

No Man's Sky dropped an entire planets worth of update news on us with a new video on their youtube channel

The No Mans Skye Endurance Update adds massive constructions that can be built on your capital ship, new fleet ships from the Organic builds, and a complete overhaul to the capital ships including new portholes and windows you can see space from, crew walking around inside the ships. Building freighter bases to grow food and aid explorations. A change to the asteroid system includes larger fields and more dynamic looks.

The largest change might be their new bridge locations and how it allows for a more free form exploration giving the captains better views of what they can do on the freighter.

No Mans Sky may have launched in a odd state with no end of complaints from fans. However many years out, the game has long ago surpassed any other title in the genre and looks to not stop anytime soon.

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