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Saints Row Reboot - Of Saints and Sinners

While Saints Row is attempting to reboot the franchise that saw steady competition in the open world space from the likes of GTA 3 through 5, Saints was able to cut its own path with a quirky world, unique characters, and a penchant to put the story into weird places at any time and with no fear whatsoever.

Saints Row the reboot comes out in less than a month. Karak dropped his preview video this morning with his thoughts

Saints Row had a massive following, however, that was years ago, the world is different and it's going to be difficult for games such as Saints Row Reboot, and GTA to counter the satire versus real-world trends that are causing games to remove any of their edgy or harder material.

Time will tell if the Saints aim to get its old mojo back or if its smack dab in the middle of the road where it looks safe, but no one cares.

Karak and the boys will talk about Saints Row on the next Podcast this Friday

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