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Even as Sony comes off of the release of one of their premier first-party exclusives, On the PC, which is of course the highly rated God of War game. Many fans wonder. If this decision to release first-party Sony exclusives on the PC will continue? And I'm here to tell you, I hope it does.

Sony and its apparent departure from the first party is being exclusive only to the platform itself and not on PC has made this switch for a number of business reasons. Not the least of which. Is a console that, while selling incredibly well, is highly expensive to manufacture and at the same time does not make a great return on investment per sale. Simply breaking down the math of looking at. How much a company would make even if they were making upwards of $50 on each console sold and you can see quite quickly that a first-party exclusive or two released on the PC day and date or even afterward would result in higher net gains.

Sony is a company first and foremost and many people believe that Sony is Pryor. The concentrated effort of releasing first-party releases only on their platform. Would continue. One of the reasons why we're seeing that Sony isn't following the same formula is that, aside from the money issue already discussed, Sony sees the large growth that the PC platform is actually developing, Not only with normal games of all kinds on steam and Epic, and various other digital platforms but additionally in the VR space. One place where Sony has just announced their newest headset. Coming out either at the end of this year or next year and could do quite well if they decided to roll some of those games out onto multiple platforms.

Sony is finally seeing the light of a battle that isn't exactly what it was originally. Many people believed that platform for platform, console for console, exclusivity for exclusivity; whether it was first, second, or third party. Was the way that these consoles were going to continue to move forward. Microsoft has already broken that entire pattern by going with their games on some other platforms, other companies' games on their platforms, including Sony's highly rated. Baseball series. What we see is Microsoft fighting a distinctly different war than Sony is, and only now we're starting to see Sony recognize that that battle is in a different place.

Sony is in a great place as usual however, there are larger audiences to gather just around the corner.

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