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Sony Leaping Into The Upscaling Game With DLSS Alternative

Originally filed in April a patent for a DLSS competitor from Sony outlines their own initial ideas of an upscaling system that seems to reflect both elements of DLSS as well as FSR and possibly Microsoft, as yet undeployed tech.

Utilizing some of the same terms as other formats Sony's indicates that, "This enables some surrounding pixels to contribute more to the average than others, thereby advantageously increasing the versatility of the filling process according to the image being processed. The second filling process may include a machine learning inference process."

This does seem to indicate that Sony may use a mixed approach to their DLSS alternative, especially as AMD's APU which is in both the Xbox one and Playstation 5 systems do not have the same hardware that is specialized like Nvidia's graphics cards.

I talk about DLSS and the alternatives in our podcasts you can find here.

I also discuss how games without a DLSS alternative other than resolution scale can suffer. For examples such as Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 Review - Buy, Wait for Sale, Gamepass? - YouTube

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