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There is No safe Harbour for All Comers in the new Alone in the Dark

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David Harbour and Jodie Comer will be the two main leads in the new "Alone in the Dark", delving into the dark secret of the missing Jeremy Hartwood and uncovering the truth about the Darkman. Will exceptional voice talent be enough to balance the exceptionally high expectations and recent releases like "Resident Evil"? Well, you tell me. However, it's not all they're doing.

Are you a fan of "Alone in the Dark" from back in the day? Most people probably remember the "Alone in the Dark" game from the Xbox 360, which put the entire series into a coma for 11 years. However, "Alone in the Dark" doesn't always cater to exactly the same audience, often skewing closer to a "Call of Cthulhu"-styled mystery than the action of "Resident Evil". I'm about to explain what I observed in a secretive hands-off presentation of the game and a large series of interviews that THQ conducted.

"Alone in the Dark 2023" is a remake and total reimagining of the original game, incorporating influence from the actual original creator of the "Alone in the Dark" series. It's a third-person action investigation game where you play as either Emily, excellently portrayed by Jodie Comer, or Edward Carnby, voiced by David Harbour. They explore the mystery of the Hartwood Curse and Jeremy Hartwood. Each character provides a different perspective on the same story and the NPCs react differently depending on whom you play and when you tackle certain tasks.

The developers have worked diligently on reimagining the original game, while also integrating quality-of-life elements that are common in modern games. This includes a difficulty system that can be adjusted according to how clues are found and given in the game. You can also encounter other characters during their investigations. Edward's story revolves more around unique puzzles and situations, approaching them from a completely different angle than Emily's character. Emily is trying to decipher what happened to her uncle in relation to the Hartwood Curse. For her, it's personal, and she copes with it in her own way.

The beauty of this mystery lies in its homage to the original games. However, it deviates from their exact storyline, offering a unique narrative that builds upon the foundations of the originals in many ways. The developers have skillfully blended their own fiction with the established lore, resulting in a captivating mix of secrets, surprises, and callbacks, while also introducing a fresh story.

Moreover, the new difficulty and clue system enhance the gameplay experience. Players can customize the amount of information they receive for puzzles, including audio cues, hints, navigation assistance, and story clues. Unlike previous adjustable difficulties, the developers have crafted an organic system that transcends merely reducing item markers on the map. This approach allows players to delve deeper into the character's perspective, providing them with additional information if desired.

Imagine playing as Edward, fully immersed in the role of an investigator, with all settings dialed up to maximum. Then, in a subsequent playthrough as Emily, you opt for a more challenging experience by disabling certain features. Both characters will encounter specific puzzles and story elements tied to their unique locations, unveiling details that the other may not witness. It's a dynamic perspective shift that heightens the overall immersion, ensuring each playthrough offers fresh discoveries through different senses: hearing, seeing, and reading.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey where past meets present, and your choices shape the unveiling of this intricately woven tapestry. "Alone in the Dark 2023" promises an immersive and personal experience that captivates and surprises, whether you're a seasoned investigator or a newcomer to the series.

The game will be released on October 25th, perfect


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