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Weird West - Immersive Sim Review Discussion

It's impressive these days to be truly surprised by something. Weird West's choices, flowback into past stories and journeys you have completed, and accurate reflections of specific changes you have made in the world in an organic way is why I love this genre.

During my review I was stunned at the number of choices and their reflections back to me as a player. Today talking in a reviewer discord I watched a back and forth between about 9 other reviewers all discussing 1 single quest and the unique ways it played out for them. While the Elden Rings of the world are excellent, there is something that makes me feel alive about Immersive Sims.

You can also discuss Weird West and my review for ACG on the reddit

If you get a chance check my review for ACG on youtube Weird West Review - Can It Be That Good? "Buy, Wait, Never Touch" - YouTube

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