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Horizon Zero Dawn MMO is rumored to be in Development by NCSOFT's Seed "H" Team

Reported by MTN NC-Sony Game IP Collaboration Promotion...' Horizon' MMORPG Development 'Surge' (, Horizon Zero Dawn is getting an MMO treatment from NCSOFT

A source close to the company revealed,

""The two companies have tentatively agreed to pursue a business partnership in which NC will create new games using Sony's promising game IP, and NCSOFT's internal development team is producing a new game of the 'Horizon' IP created by Guerrilla Games as the first collaboration.""

The source speaking to MTN informed them that discussions are underway in pre-development.

At this time it's reported that "H" Seed team inside of the Lineage IP business Division is developing the Horizon IP within NCSOFT and currently recruiting developers.

When asked NCSOFT's Communication Office stated, "it is difficult to confirm information about undisclosed projects currently under development."

I will keep checking with sources to find out where this is in the development process but for now, the timeline for this would be 2025 or later.

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Edit also reported by Eurogamer Horizon MMO is reportedly in the pipeline |

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