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Superman Unreal 5 Demo Stolen and is now Sold on Steam

During April's ACG podcast we discussed the worry that the continual rollout of amazing Unreal engine demo pieces would cause reuse and theft resulting in a sale on steam or elsewhere.

That is exactly what has happened.

My original video on spiderman and superman in Unreal 5

Tyson Butler-Boshman is currently trying to get his Superman demo removed from Steam after it showed up for sale there. The thieves are also sending Tyson alerts and DMC's requests to remove it, in a sad example of YouTube's currently terrible DMCA system at work.

The superman demo is free on and has been since Tyson uploaded it. Tyson is working on trying to get the Steam version of the demo removed but has stated that the company has not responded to his requests.

This is also a reminder that for most issues on Steam, Valve refuses to take action until social media forces its hand. Something we have seen repeated time and time again.

Tyson is hopeful that the paid-for version will be removed.

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